Tokyo Institute of Technology, 21st COE Program -Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems for Sustainable Development of the World-
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21st Century Center Of Excellence (COE) Program was adopted by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to reinforce university education and research functions for study at a higher level and cultivation of creative, internationally competitive talent. Our proposal, "Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems for Sustainable Development of the World (COE-INES)", is the only chosen one for the Nuclear Engineering Category.

Half a century has passed since peaceful use of nuclear energy was begun. Recently, international cooperative activities have increased among developed countries to search for a next generation of innovative reactors. More than ten years ago at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and long before these latest activities, systematic research was started toward "Construction of Self-Consistent Nuclear Energy Systems". This research began our intensive activities on innovative nuclear energy systems and led to COE-INES, where innovative nuclear reactors (including utilization systems such as hydrogen production) and innovative fuel cycle (aiming toward zero release of radioactive wastes) are studied with free thinking and overall vision.

By integrating research with education, we will foster creative researchers and engineers. Furthermore, doctoral students will be provided with various opportunities to cultivate internationalism such as active participation in international conferences. We also hope to foster highly skilled specialists to work in developing countries.

International cooperation is very important in this field as I mentioned before. We have a lot of plan to hold international meetings and personal exchanges, and hope to enhance our international cooperation as only one COE in Nuclear Engineering in Japan.

Hiroshi Sekimoto

The 21st Century COE Program "COE-INES" Program Leader
Tokyo Institute of Technology

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