Green Transformation Initiative at Tokyo Tech, Tokyo Tech GXI

Green Transformation Initiative at Tokyo Tech,
Tokyo Tech GXI

Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Tech GXI Launching Office
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Message from Project Leader

Despite the fact that we have entered a rich era of 21st century with abundant goods and information, humankind is now confronting with the difficulties of environmental changes such as rapid climate change and the spread of infectious diseases. The 20th-century-type society system that is overly dependent on fossil resources has to be amended and it is desired to achieve carbon-neutralization (CN) of the society.

  The Green Transformation Initiative (Tokyo Tech GXI) was established to set up a social vision for CN from the field of energy and to create a path for realizing GX technologies. Tokyo Tech GXI will act as a base for GX research and contribute to the construction of a society that harmonizes with the global environment. In particular, we are hoping to help build a society where people can have hope for the future.

Because these technologies have many unexplored areas and cannot be achieved by single organization or individuals, we need cooperation with many people who support this project. We greatly welcome your participation in this project. Thank you for your support and encouragement.


Dr. Yukitaka Kato Leader of Tokyo Tech GXI
Professor at Laboratory for Zero-Carbon Energy, Institute of Innovative Research,
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Dr. Takao Kashiwagi Top Adviser of Tokyo Tech GXI
Institute Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Tech GXI

To realize the governmental policy of carbon neutral (CN) in 2050, green transformation (GX, change of industrial and social structures to comply with CN) is indispensable. Tokyo Tech GX Initiative (Tokyo Tech GXI) has been founded to promote R&D leading the GX society, strengthen startup technologies, and substantiate industrial/social collaborations. Tokyo Tech GXI deploys activities as a project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT) from fiscal year 2022.

Head Quarter of Tokyo Tech GXI is set up at Laboratory for Zero-Carbon Energy, Institute of Innovative Research (IIR), Tokyo Tech, and Tokyo Tech GXI operates in the IIR. Tokyo Tech GXI resolves broad GX related issues by promoting industry-academia collaborations and cooperating with about 400 energy-related researchers in Tokyo Tech who belong to research institutes, schools, research centers, and units for GX research. Tokyo Tech GXI works with about 50 energy-related companies inherited from the Research Center for Advanced Energy Systems (AES Center) with the support from Office of Research and Innovation. As shown in Fig. 1, the entire Tokyo Tech will support GX research.

The introduction of GX into society requires a major paradigm shift in existing industrial and social structures. Tokyo Tech GXI collaborates with industry, academia, government, regions, and citizens in order for GX technologies to be accepted by society, creating a new academic base for GX research by incorporating multifaceted perspectives from economics and sociology. By cooperating with each stakeholder, Tokyo Tech GXI leads the development of GX technologies toward the realization of CN and their social implementation as an outcome.

Figure 1 Organization chart for Tokyo Tech GXI

GXI activity themes

At GXI, by utilizing the characteristics of our university, we will develop base activities with the following themes.

I. Activities details

  1. Green Transformation (GX) researches
    1. Research on carbon-cycling green industrial systems
    2. Research on energy solutions in collaboration with industry, government, academia, local communities, and citizens for GX of society
    3. GX promotion research based on socioeconomics
  2. Development of an open innovation base through industry-government-academia collaboration for GX research
  3. Creation and promotion of demonstrative research projects for advanced energy systems
  4. Clarification of grand design for realization of GX and policy proposals for it
  5. Fostering research personnel with abilities of specialized research and project management

II. Examples of potential fields as a project for CN (tentative, planned to be expanded in the future)

  1. Renewable energy: solar cells, wind power, etc.
  2. Carbon Neutral: carbon-cycle industry, CCUS, carbon recycling, synthetic fuels, CO2 capture
  3. Smart network, energy management: electricity storage, heat storage, DR, VPP, microgrid, electricity trading, energy trading, energy system optimization
  4. Hydrogen, ammonia: energy carrier
  5. Biomass: plant factory, marine biomass (microalgae)
  6. Nuclear power, radiation, materials, measurement
  7. Cooperation with local government: cooperation activities for regional revitalization and local production for local consumption

We will promote these activities in collaboration with industry, academia, government, local communities, and citizens.

Industry-Academia Collaboration Committee

The Industry-Academia Collaboration Committee, the kernel of Tokyo Tech GXI, promotes collaborative researches between industrial companies and Tokyo Tech and provides an open-innovation platform to facilitate the collaborations. Companies from diverse background are welcomed to the Committee.

Tokyo Tech GXI takes over Center for Advanced Energy Systems (AES Center) that completes and ends its original mission on the end of March 2022. The activities of AES Research Promotion Committee, which also ends in March 2022, are developmentally succeeded to the Industry-Academia Collaboration Committee of Tokyo Tech GXI. The activities of these two Committees are similar. However, the latter additionally serves as an open innovation platform in which collaborative researches between Committee members from industry and researchers from Tokyo Tech are effectively conducted. The Industry-Academia Collaboration Committee therefore enables each committee company to cope with critical issues in technology, system, and solution needed to address the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.

Tokyo Tech GXI cordially welcomes participations in the Committee from the industry, regardless of whether or not the company was a former member of the AES Committee.


We cordially welcome your participation in the Industry-Academia Collaboration Committee. Currently we are organizing our team to start GXI in April 2022. Our tentative contact information is
e-mail :, phone: +81-3-5734-3052 (GXI Launching Office)
e-mail :, phone: +81-3-5734-3429 (Office of AES Center).
Our permanent contact information will be announced as soon as GXI starts.