Research Policy

"Establishment of Nuclear Fuel Cycle" and "Solution for Resource and Environmental Problem" based on the Latest Recycling Technologies

On the basis of the latest technologies, we are developing chemical processes which preserve environment and resource, realizing "recycling" and "zero emission", with a view to the establishment of a sustainable recycling-oriented society consistent with environment, energy and resource.

Resource Recycling

* Separation and Recovery of Valuable Metals
* Establishment of a Sustainable Recycling-oriented Society

Environmental Recovery, Environmental Conservation

Creation of a Basis for a Safe and Secure Society
* Measures for Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident (Decontamination and etc.)

Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Establishment of Advanced Safety and Low Waste Nuclear Fuel Cycle
* Separation of Highly Toxic Nuclides
* Vitrification Technology