Jun Hasegawa

Jun Hasegawa
Nuclear Energy Division

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Feature of Research

Our research lab covers research topics ranging from generation and control of various quantum beams (ions, clusters, neutrons, and photons) to applications of those quantum beams for the energy crisis and safe and secure societies. R&Ds on efficient generation of a giant cluster beam, which is expected as a next-generation quantum beam, a compact neutron source for explosive detection or non-destructive inspection technologies, and high-power beam sources for inertial confinement fusion energy are vigorously promoted.

Outline of Research

  1. Narrow-sized cluster generation with laser ablation
    We are developing technology to efficiently generate clusters of quasi-uniform size by confining silicon vapors generated by laser ablation in the cavity filled with helium gas. We are aiming to elucidate cluster generation mechanism by high speed imaging and time of flight mass spectrometry.
  2. Plasma flow control by a magnetic nozzle for high-brightness beam generation
    We are developing technology to control a laser-ablated dense plasma flow by a magnetic nozzle and generate ion flows with high directivity. We are aiming to apply the technology to high-power beam source for fusion drivers and thrusters for space machines.
  3. Generation of high-energy cluster beams
    The famous C60 (fullerene) is a large molecule composed of covalent-bonded carbon atoms with a spherical shell structure and is suitable for high energy acceleration. We are promoting the development of a cluster ion source that can supply high flux cluster ions to the accelerator.
  4. Compact neutron sources using inertial electrostatic confinement fusion
    We are developing a compact neutron source using fusion reactions between high-speed particles electrostatically confined in a potential well. The neutron source is expected to be used for various industrial applications related to safety and security of society: explosive detection, non-destructive inspection of infrastructure´╝îunderground resource exploration´╝îhigh sensitivity detection of nuclear waste, boron neutron capture therapy, and so on.


Plasma physics and engineering, quantum beam science, high-energy density physics, radiation physics, laser ablation, high-power beam, cluster beam, ion source, compact neutron source, plasma light source, inertial fusion energy