Future Energy Division

Name Position   Research Keyword Ext. Lab. HP
Kenji Takeshita Director Professor Nuclear Chemical Engineering, Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Fuel Reprocessing, Nuclide Separation (MA, Cs, Sr, Tc, PGM), Isotope Separation, Metal Recycling 3050 More Info.Lab. HP
Yukitaka Kato Professor Energy Conversion, Energy Storage, Chemical Heat Pump, Carbon Recycling Energy System, Hydrogen Energy, Nuclear Energy Utilization System 2967 More Info.Lab. HP
Ryoji Kanno Institute Professor      
Takehiko Tsukahara Professor Analytical Chemistry of Radionuclides (Actinide etc.), Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Radioactive Waste Management, Micro-Nano Fluidics, Green Chemistry, Nanomaterials 3067 More Info.Lab. HP

Cooperating Faculty

Name Position   Affiliation Ext. Lab. HP
Takao Kashiwagi Institute Professor Solution Research Center for Advanced Energy Systems    
Junichiro Otomo Professor School of Environment and Society    
Takuya Harada Associate Professor School of Materials and Chemical Technology    
Takuya Oda Specially Appointed Professor Solution Research Center for Advanced Energy Systems    

Nuclear Energy Division

Name Position   Research Keyword Ext. Lab. HP
Yoshiyuki Oguri Professor Heavy-Ion Inertial Fusion, Accelerator-based Environmental and Medical Sciences 3071 More Info.Lab. HP
Toru Obara Professor Innovative nuclear system, Fukushima-Daiichi NPPs decommission, Reactor physics 2380 More Info.Lab. HP
Yoshinao Kobayashi Professor Safety Metallurgy for Nuclear Reactors, Phase Stability, Degradation of Materials in Reactors, Waste Management 3075 More Info.Lab. HP
Satoshi Chiba Professor Nuclear Reactions, Nuclear Decay, Nuclear Data, Radiation Transport, Innovative Nuclear Systems, Medical and Astrophysical Applications 3066 More Info.Lab. HP
Noriyasu Hayashizaki Professor Particle accelerators, Radiofrequency cavities, Accelerator based neutron sources 3055 More Info.
Hiroshi Akatsuka Associate Professor Plasma Diagnostics, plasma Spectroscopy, Laser Engineering, Atomic and Molecular Processes in Plasmas 3379 More Info.Lab. HP
Tatsuya Katabuchi Associate Professor Study on Neutron Capture Reaction, Development of an Imaging System for Online Dosimetry in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy 3378 More Info.Lab. HP
Hiroshige Kikura Associate Professor Nuclear Reactor Safety, Process Control and Measurement System, Thermal Hydraulics, Safe Transport of Radioactive Material 3058 More Info.Lab. HP
Masatoshi Kondo Associate Professor Fusion reactor technology, Fast reactor technology, Coolant technology, Material compatibility, Liquid metal technology, Molten salt technology 3065 More Info.Lab. HP
Hiroshi Sagara Associate Professor Nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation (3S), Reactor design for high-level-waste transmutation, Non-destructive assay technology 3074 More Info.
Koichiro Takao Associate Professor Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Actinide Chemistry, Ionic Liquid, Treatment and Disposal of Radioactive Wastes, Decontamination, Complex Catalyst, Separation of Nuclides, Reactor Hydrochemistry 2968 More Info.Lab. HP
Hiroaki Tsutsui Associate Professor Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion, Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage system 3465 More Info.Lab. HP
Jun Hasegawa Associate Professor Plasma physics and engineering, quantum beam science, high-energy density physics, radiation physics, laser ablation, high-power beam 3070 More Info.Lab. HP
Yoshihisa Matsumoto Associate Professor Radiation Biology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Cancer Radiotherapy, DNA Damage/Repair, Low Dose/Low Dose Rate Radiation 2273 More Info.Lab. HP
Katsumi Yoshida Associate Professor Severe environment resistant materials, Materials for nuclear and fusion applications, Ceramic-based composites, High performance porous ceramics 2960 More Info.Lab. HP
Chikako Ishizuka Assistant Professor Nuclear data, Nuclear reaction, Nuclear equation of state,Theoretical nuclear physics, Nuclear astrophysics 2955 More Info.
Naokazu Idota Assistant Professor Micro-Nano Fluidics, Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Material, Stimuli-Responsive Polymers 3067 Lab. HP
Hanna Hubarevich Assistant Professor Reduced environmental footprint, Ceramic materials, Synthesis, Nanocarbon structuress 2960 More Info.
Tetsuo Sawada Assistant Professor Nuclear safety(severe accident), nuclear non-proliferation/abolition, nuclear power village, dialogue & consensus building 3062 More Info.
Mikio Shimada Assistant Professor Radiation Biology, DNA damage response, Cell cycle checkpoint, Genome instability, Centrosome, Developmental biology 3703 More Info.Lab. HP
Hiroki Takasu Assistant Professor Energy Conversion, Thermochemical Energy Storage, Chemical Heat Pump, Carbon Dioxide Absorption 3865 More Info.Lab. HP
Hideharu Takahashi Assistant Professor  Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics, Decommission Engineering, Nuclear Safety Engineering, Measurement Engineering, Waste Treatment/ Disposal, Decontamination, Separation Engineering 2377 More Info.Lab. HP
Masahiko Nakase Assistant Professor Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Backend Technology, Reprocessing of Spent Nuclear Fuels, Separation (Solvent Extraction, Adsorption), Synthesis, Waste Management 3846 More Info.
Jun Nishiyama Assistant Professor Nuclear reactor physics, Innovative nuclear system, Nuclear data, Radiation measurement, Space nuclear, Radioisotope thermoelectric generator 3849 More Info.
Shintaro Yasui Assistant Professor Ceramics synthesis, Functional oxide materials, Energy conversion materials, Energy storage materials, Ferroelectric materials, Secondary-battery materials 3060 More Info.Lab. HP

Other Faculty

Name Position   Research Keyword Ext. Lab. HP
Tadashi Narabayash Adjunct Professor      2867 More Info.
Hiroyasu Mochizuki Adjunct Professor  Reactor Thermalhydraulics, Plant System Code Development, Reactor Design, Neutronics-Thermalhydraulics Coupling Analysis, CFD Analysis, IAEA FBR Benchmark Analysis 3613 More Info.
Hidekazu Asano Visiting Professor Radioactive Waste Management, Geological Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste, Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Integration of Front and Back-End Issues for Nuclear Systems 2245 More Info.
Takatoshi Takemoto
Associate Professor
Ayumi Itoh Specially Appointed Assistant Professor Severe accident, Nuclear reactor safety engineering, Degradation of metallic materials in reactor, Localized equilibrium transport of molten metals, Computational fluid dynamics 2906 More Info.
Aki Murata Specially Appointed Assistant Professor   Particle Accelerator Engineering, Accelerator-driven Compact Neutron Source, RFQ Linear Accelerator, Non-destructive Inspection 3055 More Info.

Common Staff

Name Position Ext.
Isao Yoda Senior Technical Specialist 2484
Kazuo Takezawa Technical Specialist 2402
Kenichi Tosaka Technical Specialist 3297
Atsushi Nezu Technical Specialist 3057
Hitoshi Fukuda Technical Specialist 3079
Yuko Suzuki Technical Staff 3082
Mitsuo Matsuzaki Technical Staff 3077

Administration Office

Name Position Ext.
Takeshi Takahashi Cheif 3052
Norio Suzuki Staff 3051
Seiji Tachibana Staff 7698
Makiko Suzuki Staff 7348
Sachiko Watanabe Staff 3051
Takako Maeda Staff 3293
Noriko Fujihara Staff 3054