Noriyasu Hayashizaki

Noriyasu Hayashizaki
Nuclear Energy Division

Associate Professor

Feature of Research

Outline of Research

  1. Study on Multibeam type RFQ Linac
    We developed a two-beam interdigital-H type radio frequency quadrupole (IH-RFQ) linac as a prototype of a multibeam type RFQ linac for high intensity heavy ion acceleration in the low energy region. The linac can accelerate two beams in parallel in single cavity. Using this linac system, we were able to accelerate carbon ions with an output beam current of about 108 mA (2×54 mA/channel).
  2. Development of BNCT Irradiation System using Compact Proton Linac
    We have developed a neutron irradiation system for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) which is small enough to be installed in hospitals using a compact and safe proton linac.
  3. Development of Compact Electron Accelerator for Industrial Irradiation Processing
    We have developed a compact electron accelerator to be able to produce high power beam for industrial irradiation processing such as electron sterilization.