Director's Message

Professor Yukitaka Kato
Doctor of Engineering
Director of the Laboratory for Zero-Carbon Energy

Laboratory for Zero-Carbon Energy, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology, was established in June 2021. I was appointed as the successor to Prof. Kenji Takeshita, the first director, in April, 2022.

This institute was established for making technological contributions to a carbon-neutral (CN) society using zero carbon energy for mitigation of the carbon dioxide emissions from humankind on the global environment. In the 21st century, we had entered a convenient era with abundant goods and information, but for a while, we are suffered from environmental changes such as rapid climate change, extensive natural disaster and the spread of infectious disease. Human beings are starting to recognize the greatness of nature and the powerlessness of human beings. We would need to remind ourselves of the gratitude for being alive in nature.

This laboratory aims to contribute to the construction of a society that coexists with the global environment from the perspective of energy. We will shift from the society that is overly dependent on 20th century fossil resources to CN society. Primary energy is required to drive a prosperous social life.

The laboratory will conduct research to reduce the dependence on fossil energy as much as possible and use zero carbon energy such as renewable energy, nuclear energy, biomass and industrial waste heats. Renewable energy is expected to be main primary energy, however, it is unstable. Energy storage for massive primary energy will be considered by developments of not only electric storage and thermal energy storage and energy carrier technologies with construction of new energy network systems. Nuclear energy is causing anxiety to society, but it is stable and valuable zero carbon energy, then a safe and economical nuclear energy system with innovation, and radiation application technologies will be structured. Furthermore, it is aimed to create a carbon recycle industrial system that forgives carbon usage and recycles carbon using zero carbon energy by carbon dioxide recovery, recycling, and recycling.

And to accelerate the social implementation of research, the Green Transformation Initiative, Tokyo Tech GXI, has established at the laboratory. At Tokyo Tech GXI, we will develop open innovations in collaboration with industry, academia, government, society, and citizens.

These technologies for establishment of CN society are unexplored areas and cannot be achieved by individuals or organizations, then, the cooperation of many people who agree with the theme is mandate. The laboratory will serve to build a society with hope for the future in cooperation with people internationally. I greatly welcome all your participation for the building, and appreciate your guidance and support for this laboratory.