SR Initiative

SR Initiative
(The Philosophy and the Charter of Conduct of Social Responsibility)
Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy, Institute of Innovative Research,
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Date of Enactment: 27 June, 2007
Revised: 1 April, 2016

The SR (Social Responsibility) Philosophy

We, the members of Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology, as an organization to promote research and education related to nuclear energy, have pride and responsibilities in undertaking important missions and act on our own initiative and on sound ethics. The aim is to establish consciousness, “The Safety Culture of the Nuclear Energy,” a philosophy that requires all organizations and individuals engaged in research, development, and use of nuclear energy to act with their awareness of safety as their highest priority by preventing human errors and accidents while complying with applicable laws and regulations and international rules. We also strive to contribute to sustainable developments in environments, economies, and societies. We intend to propagate the importance of the safety culture throughout societies, both nationally and internationally, work on research and education in terms of safe and stable supply of energy and peaceful use of nuclear energy, foster human resources through such activities, and thus win trust from the society. In order to achieve these various purposes, we have established the charter of conduct (hereinafter referred to as the "SR the charter of conduct") regarding social responsibility to be stated, construct favorable relations, using the principles in the charter, with various stakeholders (people who have a vested interest) who are related to the Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy, and act fairly and sincerity while fulfilling its accountabilities to the society.

The SR (Social Responsibility) Charter of Conduct

  1. Complying with Relevant Laws and Regulations, and Establishing a Safety Culture
    To act with prime emphasis on safety by complying with applicable laws and regulations and international rules in dealing with the research, development and the use of nuclear energy, and ensure public security and social confidence through establishing a safety culture.
  2. Contributing to Peaceful Uses and Sustainable Development
    To consolidate national confidence on its intention of using nuclear energy only for peaceful purposes such as energy, global environment, industry, medical services, and agribusiness, while solving various issues humankind faces with the contribution to the future-generation in mind, to contribute to sustainable social and economic development for the welfare of humankind.
  3. Communication with Stakeholders
    To promote a variety of activities of smooth communication toward the making of sustainable society to cooperate as appropriate according to the domestic and international relevant organizations and other universities, companies, government, NPOs, and NGOs regarding nuclear energy.
  4. Maintaining Transparency and Accountability for the Society
    To actively and appropriately disclose the information on nuclear energy to the public including medias and fulfill the obligation for accountability, thereby maintaining the transparency of corporate activities to aggressively incorporate a wide range of views through dialogues and participation with a variety of stakeholders.
  5. Refusing with Antisocial Groups and Organizations
    To refuse with antisocial groups and organizations decisively and to take with resolute attitude such a demand, regardless of whether such relations as posed a threat to social order and security to the civil society with nuclear technology or radioactive materials by correctly recognizing against potential risk of nuclear energy.
  6. Self-Development and Conducting in Good Faith
    To pursue as growth and self-mastery to always conduct in good faith, impartial manner in all activities with trying self-development positively not to cause severe harm to the society from lack of expertise or awareness of the risk.
  7. Respecting Human Rights and Work/Life Balance
    To contribute to actively work toward WORK/LIFE BALANCE (Find a balance between work and life) and realization of comfort and affluence in full respect of the diversity of the staff members, character, personality by safely securing comfortable environment.
  8. Heeding for Students and Promoting for Growth and Self-Mastery
    To promote the human growth as personality development including improvement of study/research for students by sufficiently considering the prevention of the harassment and the protection of the personal information.
  9. Global Environment Preservation and Social Contribution Activities
    To take active part in social contribution activities by partnering with regional communities through taking appropriate actions with considerations to the global environment as a member of a good global citizen.
  10. Mission/Responsibility and Societal Reliability
    To act on maintaining society reliability with continual improvement by self-checks to enhance the sense of responsibility for important mission as member of organizations related to nuclear energy while complying with various laws and regulations relate to organization and individual.
Applicable Scope

This SR initiative is aimed at the members of Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Academic/Clerical Staff, Assistant Staff, Part-Time Worker, Research Assistant, Temporary Staff, etc. and All People in employment relationship with Tokyo Institute of Technology).

Revised Regulation

The revision of this SR initiative shall be submitted by faculty council for Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors, Tokyo Institute of Technology and shall be settled by member meeting for Laboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology.