Research Overview

The Scope of ZC

The ZC aims to contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral (CN) society by constructing a carbon and material circulation system based on zero carbon energy (ZCE), and conducts research and development of technologies necessary for its realization. Figure 1 shows the outlook for Japan's goal of realizing a CN society in 2050. The energy supply side will be converted from fossil fuel dependence to renewable energy and nuclear energy to ZCE. Figure 2 shows the energy society that the ZC is aiming for. ZCE is introduced to primary energy. Since the output of renewable energy fluctuates greatly depending on the weather, it is important to stabilize the output. On the other hand, there are also fluctuations on the demand side, and the function of energy storage is indispensable. Therefore, electricity storage (battery) and thermal storage functions are installed. The energy demand side also needs to supply carbon resources in many fields. CO2 emitted there is recovered, converted into carbon resources by ZCE, and recycled for reuse. At the same time, energy carriers are produced, and energy materials will be collected, separated, and regenerated, aiming for establishment of a sustainable energy society.

Fig. 1 Prospects for zero carbonization of primary energy

Fig. 2 Energy society aimed at by the ZC